A study in LIME

LIME for images explanations are extremely dependent on the choice of tiling. Tiling is one inductive assumption of LIME but it is hidden from the end user. I know I’m late to the party, but here we go. I was recently asked to say something about philosophical problems in XAI and LIME is an obvious… Continue reading A study in LIME

IACAP23 recap

Before my memory fails me – I didn’t take notes – I wanted to write down whatever I remember about the IACAP conference that took place in Prague in the beginning of July. There was a certain old vs. new guard feeling pervading the whole conference which played out mainly between traditional philosophy of computation… Continue reading IACAP23 recap

ML epistemology workshop – Day 2

Notes for Day 1 here Meta-Inductive Justification of Universal Generalizations – Gerhard Schurz In this talk Gerhard defended his account of induction against some objections Tom published in an earlier paper. Unfortunately I am not very well acquainted with meta-induction and Gerhard’s presentation was a word document which he quickly skimmed through. So I had… Continue reading ML epistemology workshop – Day 2